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Custom Deck, Pergola and Patio Builders in Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville Custom Built Decks

We will custom design and build your beautiful deck. A custom-built deck  will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to gather with family and friends.

Fayetteville Pergolas and Arbors

A pergola typically stands over your deck and offers a shaded area to relax. Arbors offer a shaded walkway, a place for Bride and Groom vows or a grapevine trellis.

Fayetteville Custom Brick Pavers

If you are looking to install a patio, we have experience designing and building what you are looking for. Whether installing a paver patio, stamped concrete, or even a flagstone patio, we can help.

Deck Repairs and Upgrades

Is your current deck or outdoor structure in need of repair or rehab? Or are you ready to add on and upgrade? No problem, we can help. We’re here to serve you!

Covered Decks

Your Patio Cover or Patio Enclosure will increase the value of your property while affordably adding outdoor living space for you and your family. A patio cover or patio enclosure can be attached to your home or made freestanding in your yard creating a private retreat, entertainment area or landscaping focal point.

Fayetteville Composite Decks

Composite decks not only allow homeowners to extend their living spaces into the backyard, but they can also increase a home’s value and add to its exterior beauty. While many homeowners dream of surrounding their backyard pools with a rich wooden deck or enjoying their morning coffee on a handsome patio extension, most don’t know how to go about selecting a patio products installer.

Fayetteville Deck Builder –  The #1 Deck Contractor in Fayetteville is Only a Call or Click Away!

Building a deck is a substantial investment that can add value to a home, which is why it is important to choose the right company that is professional, trustworthy, and experienced. We are a Fayetteville based deck company whose portfolio consists of both contemporary and traditional houses. We take pride in our reputation as the Fayetteville Deck Builders that provides top quality workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our expertise and customer service is a promise that will give your money’s worth for years to come. We are experts that you can trust. What separates us from our competition are our qualities: Trustworthiness, Competence, Dependability, Accountability, Accessibility, Warranty, and Security.


​​We build your deck correctly the first time! Here at Fayetteville Deck Builders, we know and understand how important your home is to you! We want you to have something worth bragging on, without having to wait for us to finally get it right! We work hard to build high-quality decks. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We treat all of our clients just like we would want to be treated! We believe in doing business the right way, with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our reputation is one of the factors that set us apart as the best deck building contractor in Bella Vista. Our reputation is more important than any deal. And we strive to exceed all your expectations so that you would be glad to tell your friends and family about us. You can count on Rogers Deck Company!

All of our materials are hand picked for your particular project! We pick out our supplies and materials per project from local Bentonville deck company suppliers. We want you to get the best, and for your new structure to last as long as possible. Plus we want your input! We want you to get EXACTLY what you want! 

We consider your needs, your home structure and your budget before beginning a project! Nobody likes being shocked by unforeseen expenses. We thoroughly inspect any and every aspect of your structure to ensure we know exactly what to prepare for! We also aim to get you what you want UNDER your deck budget! 

We clean up our mess before we leave! Too often we have seen hired companies leave a mess in your back yards, and too often it has happened to us! We want to provide you with the simple courtesy of cleaning up our own mess! It’s a respect thing! 

We don’t cut corners! Well physically we do cut corners, but that is where it stops. We want your new structure to be of the utmost quality! We want it to last you a long time and for you to be happy with it for a long time as well! Plus we want you to recommend Siloam Springs Deck Company to all your friends, so we want to make sure to show you the best! 

We build your deck with excellence at a fair price. As mentioned previously, we build everything right the first time and we don’t cut corners! We give you the BEST! And we do so while giving you the fairest price! With our highly competitive prices, we are sure to give you the best deal in Fayetteville, Arkansas! 

Enhancing your living space is our passion! We do what we love and we love what we do! Fulfilling all of your outdoor addition dreams is our Passion! We love the satisfaction we get after wowing our customers! Let us WOW you! 

We are Innovative and Creative! We love being creative and giving you multiple options with a variety of new creative twists! We are always looking for someone who will let us try out our new designs. But that doesn’t mean we won’t use your design! We don’t want to push our designs on you if you already have your mind set! If you want something done, but aren’t sure what you would like, give us a call, we are sure to come up with a jaw dropping design you will love!

We aren’t happy if you aren’t! Here at Fayetteville Deck Contractors, customer satisfaction is what we thrive on! If you aren’t happy with the finished project, then we aren’t either. We will do whatever it takes for you to be 100% with your deck or project!


We have significant experience to complete any project you are desiring for your yard.

We take our clients’ time very seriously; that is why we have an outstanding reputation for completing projects in a timely manner.

Our highest priority is customer service, which means that whenever you call, we will always be here to assist you.

We want you to feel secure in knowing that you’ll receive what you paid for and more. In short, we know exactly how to build what you are looking for. Give us a call today to take the next step towards your dream!

We provide a detailed plan that includes a written price. This custom plan covers your deck and its accessories, so you have complete knowledge of how the process works.

We are a company that is responsible, professional, and experienced.

Our services come with a guarantee that is more than just an agreement on a paper. We promise to help our clients with a  smile on our face.

Fayetteville Deck Builders value our customers above all else. We provide top of the line customer service by fostering long lasting relationships with our past and current clients.

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In the heart of Fayetteville, AR stands as a city with a rich history and a vibrant community. Nestled amidst its scenic beauty and pleasant climate, many residents find solace in their homes and, more importantly, in their outdoor living spaces. As the desire for a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor living grows, Fayetteville deck builders have become integral in transforming ordinary backyards into stunning extensions of homes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of outdoor spaces, the role of Fayetteville deck builders in crafting exceptional decks, and provide tips on how to choose the right professionals for your dream outdoor retreat.

The Growing Importance of Outdoor Living

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, people increasingly seek a sanctuary within the confines of their homes. Outdoor living spaces offer the perfect solution, providing a tranquil escape from the daily grind. These spaces serve as extensions of homes, fostering a connection with nature and offering opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and socializing.

Fayetteville, with its mild climate, is an ideal location for creating outdoor havens. Residents can enjoy the beauty of all four seasons, making it essential to invest in outdoor spaces that cater to diverse needs and preferences. This is where the expertise of Fayetteville deck builders comes into play, as they transform mundane backyards into personalized retreats that reflect the unique tastes of homeowners.

The Artistry of Fayetteville Deck Builders

Deck building is a nuanced art that requires a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Fayetteville deck builders, well-versed in the region’s climate and architectural styles, bring a unique skill set to the table. Here’s a closer look at the artistry involved in crafting the perfect deck:

  1. Design Expertise: Fayetteville deck builders understand that no two homes are alike. They carefully assess the architectural nuances of each property and work closely with homeowners to create designs that seamlessly integrate with the existing structure. Whether it’s a classic Southern charm or a modern aesthetic, these professionals tailor their designs to suit individual preferences.
  2. Material Selection: Choosing the right materials is crucial for the longevity and appearance of a deck. Fayetteville deck builders are well-versed in the array of materials available, including wood, composite, and PVC. They guide homeowners through the pros and cons of each option, considering factors like durability, maintenance, and cost.
  3. Functional Considerations: Beyond aesthetics, Fayetteville deck builders prioritize functionality. They analyze the intended use of the deck – be it for entertaining, dining, or relaxation – and incorporate features like built-in seating, cooking areas, and lighting to enhance usability. This attention to detail ensures that the deck not only looks good but also serves its intended purpose.
  4. Local Building Codes and Permits: Navigating local building codes and obtaining the necessary permits can be a complex process. Fayetteville deck builders are well-acquainted with the regulatory landscape, ensuring that every deck complies with the city’s requirements. This expertise saves homeowners time and potential headaches in the construction process.

Choosing the Right Fayetteville Deck Builder

As the demand for outdoor living spaces continues to rise, so does the number of deck builders vying for your business. Selecting the right professional is paramount to ensuring the success of your project. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the perfect Fayetteville deck builder:

  1. Local Reputation: Start by researching the reputation of deck builders in Fayetteville. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have had positive experiences with deck construction. Online reviews and testimonials can also provide valuable insights into a builder’s track record.
  2. Portfolio and Style: Review the portfolios of prospective deck builders to gauge their design aesthetic and versatility. A diverse portfolio indicates the ability to adapt to different styles and preferences. Look for projects similar to what you envision for your own space.
  3. Credentials and Experience: Ensure that the deck builder is licensed and insured. Experience is a key factor, so inquire about the number of years they have been in business and the projects they have completed. Established builders are more likely to have the expertise to handle a variety of challenges that may arise during construction.
  4. Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication is vital for a successful project. Choose a deck builder who listens to your ideas, provides clear explanations, and collaborates with you throughout the design and construction process. A builder who values your input is more likely to deliver a final product that aligns with your vision.
  5. Transparent Pricing: Obtain detailed quotes from multiple deck builders and compare them carefully. Be wary of overly low quotes, as they may indicate subpar materials or workmanship. A transparent and comprehensive estimate helps prevent unexpected costs and ensures that you are getting value for your investment.
  6. Warranty and Aftercare: Inquire about the warranty offered by the Fayetteville deck builders. A reputable professional stands behind their work and provides a warranty that reflects the quality of their craftsmanship. Additionally, discuss post-construction maintenance and inquire about any services offered for repairs or modifications in the future.


Fayetteville deck builders play a pivotal role in transforming outdoor spaces into personalized retreats that reflect the unique tastes and lifestyles of homeowners. As the demand for outdoor living continues to grow, the expertise of these professionals becomes increasingly valuable.

By understanding the importance of outdoor living, appreciating the artistry involved in deck building, and following key considerations when choosing a deck builder, homeowners in Fayetteville can embark on a journey to enhance their homes and lifestyles.

Investing in a well-crafted deck not only adds monetary value to a property but also enriches the quality of life for its residents. In Fayetteville, where the beauty of nature beckons, a thoughtfully designed and expertly built deck becomes the bridge between the indoors and the great outdoors, creating a haven for relaxation, entertainment, and cherished moments with loved ones.

Fayetteville’s Enjoyment Destinations

Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a vibrant and diverse city that offers a plethora of activities for residents and visitors alike. From its rich cultural scene and historic landmarks to its natural beauty and thriving culinary scene, Fayetteville has something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top things to do in Fayetteville, ensuring you make the most of your time in this charming Southern city.

Historic Landmarks and Museums

  1. Dickson Street Historic District: Start your journey through Fayetteville by immersing yourself in the historic charm of Dickson Street. Lined with a mix of boutiques, restaurants, and live music venues, this district is the heartbeat of the city’s entertainment scene. Don’t miss the iconic Dickson Street Bookshop, a treasure trove for book lovers.
  2. Clinton House Museum: For a dose of political history, visit the Clinton House Museum, which served as the first home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Explore the rooms filled with memorabilia from their time in Fayetteville and gain insight into the early years of this influential political couple.
  3. Fayetteville Historic Square: The Fayetteville Historic Square is a picturesque hub featuring a courthouse, boutique shops, and eateries. Stroll through the square, admire the historic architecture, and consider visiting during one of the many events hosted here, such as the Farmer’s Market.

Outdoor Adventures

  1. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks: Nature enthusiasts will delight in the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, a 44-acre haven showcasing themed gardens, walking trails, and educational exhibits. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful escape, this botanical gem is a must-visit.
  2. Mount Sequoyah Woods Trail: Lace up your hiking boots and head to Mount Sequoyah Woods Trail for a scenic trek. The trail offers varying levels of difficulty, making it suitable for both novice and experienced hikers. As you ascend, you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Fayetteville and the surrounding landscape.
  3. Lake Fayetteville: If water activities are more your speed, spend a day at Lake Fayetteville. Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply relax by the shore. The lake is surrounded by walking and biking trails, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Cultural Experiences

  1. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: While technically located just a short drive away in Bentonville, Crystal Bridges is a must-visit cultural destination. This world-class museum, founded by Walmart heiress Alice Walton, houses a stunning collection of American art, set against the backdrop of the Ozark landscape.
  2. TheatreSquared: Embrace the performing arts at TheatreSquared, Northwest Arkansas’s regional theater. Located in the heart of Fayetteville, this contemporary venue hosts a variety of productions, from classic plays to cutting-edge performances.
  3. Walton Arts Center: For a diverse range of cultural events, including concerts, Broadway shows, and art exhibitions, make your way to the Walton Arts Center. With its state-of-the-art facilities, this venue is a cultural hub that enriches Fayetteville’s arts scene.

Local Flavors

  1. Fayetteville Ale Trail: Craft beer enthusiasts will be delighted by the Fayetteville Ale Trail, a self-guided tour of the city’s best breweries. Sample a variety of local brews, each with its unique flavor profile, and gain insight into the thriving craft beer culture in Fayetteville.
  2. Farmers’ Market: Immerse yourself in the local food scene by visiting the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market. Held on the historic square, this market features fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a lively atmosphere. It’s a great way to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying the community spirit.
  3. Culinary Scene on Block Avenue: Explore the diverse culinary offerings on Block Avenue, where a mix of restaurants and cafes cater to various tastes. From farm-to-table establishments to international cuisine, Block Avenue is a gastronomic delight that showcases Fayetteville’s culinary diversity.

Festivals and Events

  1. Bikes, Blues & BBQ: Plan your visit around the Bikes, Blues & BBQ festival, one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the United States. This annual event brings together bikers, music enthusiasts, and barbecue lovers for a week of festivities, live music, and delicious food.
  2. Fayetteville Roots Festival: Celebrate the intersection of music and food at the Fayetteville Roots Festival. This multi-day event features live performances by renowned artists, culinary experiences with local chefs, and a vibrant atmosphere that captures the essence of Fayetteville’s creative spirit.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, stands as a testament to the unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and vibrant community spirit that defines the Ozarks. Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor adventurer, art aficionado, or food enthusiast, Fayetteville offers an array of experiences that will leave a lasting impression. So, pack your bags, explore the scenic wonders, and immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of this Southern gem.

Brief History of Fayetteville, AR

Nestled in the scenic Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville, Arkansas, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the American South. With a rich tapestry woven from the threads of history, culture, and progress, this city has evolved from its humble beginnings into a vibrant and thriving community. In this exploration, we delve into the captivating story of Fayetteville, tracing its roots, growth, and the diverse influences that have shaped its identity over the centuries.

Early Inhabitants and Exploration

Long before European settlers arrived, the lush landscapes of Northwest Arkansas were home to Native American tribes such as the Osage, Caddo, and Quapaw. These indigenous communities thrived in harmony with nature, leaving behind a legacy of mounds, artifacts, and cultural practices that still resonate in the region.

The first European explorers, notably Hernando de Soto in the 16th century, ventured into the area, marking the beginning of a complex interaction between Native Americans and European settlers. However, it wasn’t until the 1820s that Fayetteville began to take shape as a settlement.

Early Settlement and Incorporation

The establishment of Fayetteville can be attributed to two prominent figures: George McGarrah and Richard C. Byrd. In 1828, McGarrah donated land for the construction of a town square, a gesture that catalyzed the development of the community. By 1829, Fayetteville was incorporated as a town.

The town’s early years were marked by modest growth, and it became a hub for trade and commerce in the region. The completion of the Butterfield Overland Mail route in the 1850s further connected Fayetteville to the broader network of trade and transportation, solidifying its role as a key player in the Ozarks.

Civil War and Reconstruction

The specter of the Civil War cast its shadow over Fayetteville, as it did over much of the South. The town played a strategic role during the conflict, changing hands several times between Union and Confederate forces. The Battle of Fayetteville in April 1863 left scars on the landscape and the community, yet the resilience of its people prevailed.

The post-war period brought challenges of reconstruction, but Fayetteville emerged with renewed determination. The establishment of the University of Arkansas in 1871 provided a beacon of hope and opportunity for the city, shaping its future as an educational and cultural center.

Educational Hub: The University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas stands as a pillar of Fayetteville’s identity. Chartered in 1871 and officially opened in 1872, the university has grown into a distinguished institution, influencing the city’s character and contributing significantly to its economic and cultural vitality.

As the flagship institution of the state, the University of Arkansas has attracted scholars, researchers, and students from around the world. Its impact extends beyond academics, with the Razorbacks—the university’s athletic teams—galvanizing community spirit and fostering a sense of pride among Fayetteville residents.

Economic Growth and Diversification

Fayetteville’s economy has experienced a dynamic evolution over the decades. From its early roots as a trading post, the city adapted to changing economic landscapes. The timber industry, which flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, played a pivotal role in shaping Fayetteville’s economy.

In the mid-20th century, Fayetteville witnessed a shift towards a more diverse economic base. The city became a center for manufacturing, particularly in the fields of electronics and appliances. Corporate giants like Tyson Foods, founded in nearby Springdale, further bolstered the region’s economic standing.

Cultural Renaissance and the Arts

Beyond its economic prowess, Fayetteville has cultivated a vibrant cultural scene. The Walton Arts Center, established in 1992, has become a focal point for the performing arts, hosting a diverse array of performances, from Broadway shows to symphony orchestras. The artistic spirit also thrives in the local galleries, studios, and theaters that dot the cityscape.

Dickson Street, a historic and iconic stretch of Fayetteville, is a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage. Lined with unique shops, restaurants, and music venues, Dickson Street captures the essence of Fayetteville’s cultural renaissance.

Demographic Shifts and Community Dynamics

The demographic makeup of Fayetteville has evolved over time, reflecting broader trends in American society. The city has experienced steady population growth, attracting residents seeking a blend of Southern charm and progressive values.

The university’s influence is evident in the city’s cultural and intellectual vibrancy, contributing to a more diverse and cosmopolitan population. Fayetteville’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its welcoming atmosphere and support for various community initiatives.

Challenges and Resilience

Like any city, Fayetteville has faced its share of challenges. Natural disasters, economic downturns, and social upheavals have tested the resilience of its residents. The devastating tornado of 2011, which carved a path through the heart of the city, served as a stark reminder of nature’s power. However, the response to such challenges has consistently highlighted the strength of the community and its ability to come together in times of adversity.

Sustainable Future and Urban Development

In recent years, Fayetteville has emerged as a leader in sustainable urban development. The city’s commitment to green initiatives, walkability, and environmental consciousness has garnered national recognition. Efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the Ozarks while fostering responsible growth underscore Fayetteville’s dedication to creating a sustainable and livable future.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a city that stands at the intersection of tradition and progress, where history is not a relic of the past but a living, breathing force that shapes the present and guides the future. From its Native American roots to its vibrant present as a cultural and economic hub, Fayetteville exemplifies the resilience and adaptability that characterize the American spirit. As the city continues to evolve, one can only anticipate the unfolding chapters of its captivating story, each contributing to the enduring legacy of Fayetteville in the heart of the Ozarks.

Wood Deck Builders in Fayetteville, AR

In the heart of the picturesque Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville, Arkansas, stands as a city where nature’s beauty intertwines seamlessly with urban living. One of the most enchanting ways to embrace the natural allure of this region is by investing in a well-crafted wood deck. In Fayetteville, wood deck builders play a pivotal role in transforming outdoor spaces into havens of tranquility, where residents can bask in the warmth of the sun and savor the cool evening breezes. This article explores the significance of wood decks, the artistry of local builders, and the factors that make Fayetteville an ideal place for these outdoor sanctuaries.

Wood Decks: Timeless Elegance and Functionality:

Wood decks have long been synonymous with timeless elegance and functionality. Whether it’s a charming backyard retreat or an expansive deck overlooking the Ozark landscape, these structures bring a touch of nature to residential spaces. The choice of wood, with its natural warmth and versatility, allows homeowners to create customized outdoor living areas that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

In Fayetteville, the demand for wood decks has surged in recent years, reflecting a growing appreciation for the aesthetics and practicality of wooden outdoor spaces. Wood deck builders in the area are rising to the occasion, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles to deliver decks that stand the test of time.

Local Artisans: Crafting Outdoor Masterpieces:

The beauty of Fayetteville lies not only in its natural landscapes but also in the skilled artisans who craft outdoor masterpieces. Wood deck builders in the area are renowned for their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and ability to bring the visions of homeowners to life. These local artisans understand that a wood deck is more than just an extension of a home; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation, social gatherings, and a connection to the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas.

Many wood deck builders in Fayetteville specialize in various wood types, each with its own unique characteristics. From the rich hues of cedar to the durability of redwood, these artisans work with a palette of materials that allows them to create decks that are not only visually stunning but also resilient against the region’s weather extremes.

Factors Influencing Deck Design in Fayetteville:

Several factors influence the design and construction of wood decks in Fayetteville. The local climate, with its warm summers and mild winters, encourages year-round outdoor living. As a result, deck builders focus on creating spaces that cater to diverse activities, from summer barbecues to cozy winter gatherings around a fire pit.

Moreover, Fayetteville’s topography often presents builders with interesting challenges and opportunities. Elevated decks that capture panoramic views of the Ozarks, multi-level structures that adapt to sloping landscapes, and decks integrated with native flora are common sights in this region. Local builders leverage their expertise to navigate these challenges, ensuring that each deck complements its surroundings seamlessly.

Community and Sustainability:

Fayetteville residents share a deep appreciation for community and sustainability. Wood deck builders in the area often source materials responsibly, opting for sustainably harvested wood to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the close-knit community fosters a collaborative approach between homeowners and builders, resulting in decks that not only meet aesthetic preferences but also align with the values of the community.

In Fayetteville, wood deck builders are more than craftsmen; they are artists shaping the outdoor narratives of homes and communities. As the demand for wood decks continues to grow, these local artisans play a pivotal role in creating outdoor sanctuaries that capture the essence of Northwest Arkansas. The marriage of timeless elegance, functional design, and a commitment to sustainability makes Fayetteville a haven for those seeking to transform their outdoor spaces into enduring works of art. So, whether you’re envisioning a cozy backyard retreat or an expansive deck with sweeping views, Fayetteville’s wood deck builders stand ready to turn your dreams into reality.

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