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Discover the beauty and versatility of interlocking brick pavers. Custom paver designs add character to any pool deck, patio, driveway or walkway. Their timeless appeal is warm and welcoming. Our custom designs, flexibility, durability and ease of maintenance provide radiant new life and increased value to your property. The return is far greater than the investment!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do pavers have the same strength as concrete?
    • Yes, by comparison a typical 4” concrete driveway will have a psi rating of 2500 – 3000. In conclusion by using concrete pavers your paved surface will be stronger, more flexible, have a vibrant look, and have an aesthetic value. Pavers have an average of 8000 psi after they are cured.
  • Can I put pavers over my concrete, Chattahoochee, River rock, Acrylic patio, walkway, Pool Deck?
    • YES, thin pavers were designed to cover existing surfaces with the exception of wood and carpet.
  • Can I place 1” pavers over concrete driveway?
    • No, thin pavers are not made to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.
  • Do pavers hold water like a concrete slab?
    • No, about 5% of water drains between the joints, and the balance of water follows the pitch away from the house to outside areas.

  • What do I do about the existing drainage system on my pool deck?
    • Do I need a drainage system? Each situation is unique and we will determine your specific needs by evaluating your decks elevation and pitch.
  • Can pavers be sealed?
    • Yes, we recommend using a sealer manufactured specifically for concrete pavers to protect and bring out the vibrancy of your pavers. Sealing concrete pavers early in their life can make removing stains easier since sealers help prevent stains from soaking into the surface.
  • What happens if I have to do a repair job below the pavers, will it leave an unsightly patch mark?
    • No, that is one of the long term benefits of installing pavers. They can be removed to make necessary repairs and the pavers can be installed again in most situations.
  • My pavers were just installed and they have white spots and scratches on them. Are they defective?
    • No, when pavers are stacked in cubes and shipped to the job site they often get abrasion marks which will go away with time.

  • How do I clean my pavers? 
    • Before using any chemical to clean your pavers you must first soak them with water. Scrubbing with a mild soap and water will take care of most marks on your pavers such as tire tracks. Stains left by leaves and acorns can be removed with bleach diluted in water. Oil stains are the most problematic and we recommend using a degreaser, however if this does not work replacing the paver area stained is one of the reasons we leave extra pavers behind.

  • What are the most common substances that stain pavers? 
    • Oils, rust, certain types of berries and leaves from trees as well as fertilizers will stain if left on pavers for any length of time. That is why manufacturers recommend sealing pavers, this does not guarantee they will not stain; however they are easier to maintain once sealed.

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