Beautiful, Functional Hardscape and Patio Design

Creating the perfect space that delivers the tranquility, peace, and relaxation you crave after a hard day’s work can seem like a challenge at times. Hardscapes and patios offer the opportunity for homeowners to access versatile and multi-functional spaces from the comfort of their own home, providing the ideal location for family dinners, friendly get-togethers, and even quiet contemplation.

Once little more than boring slabs of concrete, patio design in Hickory Creek has come a long way, now incorporating the design elements of the home for an outdoor space ideally suited to the needs of a homeowner. The patio design experts at Northwest Arkansas Decks and Patios can help make your perfect space a reality.

Custom Patio and Hardscape Installation in Northwest Arkansas

Custom Porch and Patios of Hickory Creek has the skill and experience to craft your outdoor space using various finishes and textures, ensuring that you receive a finished product that not only complements your property but makes your dreams a reality. Because there are so many different types of material available for use on the market today when it comes to hardscape and patio creation, designers have flexibility to work with a space in the most imaginative way possible, offering complete satisfaction within the confines of a budget.

What Is a Hardscape Patio?

In the simplest terms, a patio is an outdoor recreation or dining space, usually paved. Patios are typically constructed of concrete, stone, pavers, or other hard, permanent materials, commonly referred to as hardscape. However, patios are not the only kind of hardscaping.

Some of the other structures that can also be considered hardscaping include:

  • Water features
  • Retaining walls
  • Stone walkways
  • Steps or stairways
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor fireplaces

Often, a hardscape patio will incorporate one or more of these features into the design, as well, to create beautiful, functional, multipurpose space the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Our patio builders at Hickory Creek Deck Contractors will help you create a space perfectly suited to your use.

Why Northwest Arkansas Decks and Patios for Custom Patio and Hardscape Design?

Not only are the initial designs and materials unique and beautiful, but our designers and builders also work together to make a truly one-of-a-kind space. Whether we’re simply adding a stain to accentuate the design or adding to it with a pergola or outdoor kitchen, the options are limitless.

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