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Ground Level Deck A popular choice in Rogers, Ground Level Decks are typically less than twelve inches above the ground. A small frame will be built to allow for insulation and to prevent rotting in the wood from moisture. Ground Level Decks usually start from the back door and stretch out to the desired length! 

Raised Deck – A Raised Deck, also known as a Balcony Deck, comes out of a second story. The height of the Deck is defined by the structure of your home! Raised Decks are supported by post anchored into the ground below. The outside stairway from the Deck will mimic your indoor stairway’s height.

Pool/Hot Tub Deck – In the beautiful Rogers weather, a pool or hot tub is almost a must. And a Deck can take your outdoor activity area to the next level! A Deck can also add some convenience whenever entering or exiting your pool or hot Tub! Going all the way around or just covering enough are to help you safely use your Swimming Equipment! 

Hillside Deck – Though not quite as common in Rogers, hillside Deck is a strategically placed Deck designed to accommodate for a sloped back yard. Just because you have a hilly backyard, doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your Deck Dreams! 

Split Level Deck – Rogers split level decks can give an illusion of more space. Whether it be two stories, or simply different levels on the ground. Two separate frames will have to be built to make this dream a reality. But it can be your reality!

Low Attached Deck – Low Attached Decks are similar to Ground Level Decks. They are low to the ground, but don’t necessarily have to be on the ground. A frame will be built to your desired height and attached to the home. The Deck will meet the threshold of the Back Door. 

Gazebo Deck – Gazebo Decks center around a Gazebo. Whether that Gazebo is in the center and a deck built around it, or the Gazebo is built and a Deck juts out from it, Gazebo Decks can be a fine addition to your back yard oasis.

Wraparound Deck – A Wraparound Deck can extend around your house in any direction and for any length so desired! Extending just around one corner or around the entire home, a Wraparound Deck is the perfect outdoor entertaining space! 


The City of Rogers is located in Benton County with a population of 55,964 according to the 2010 census. Located within Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers metropolitan area, it’s rated as one of the fastest growing area in the US.


The town was founded in 1881 which is the same year the Frisco railway line arrived. Charles Rogers was appointed the Vice President and General Manager of the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway or Frisco. As one of the most important official in the town, residents decided to honor Charles Rogers by naming the city after him. If you visit the Centennial Park at Rogers Historical District downtown, you will come across the Frisco’s caboose which is an important symbol of the city’s railroad history.


Before the railway line arrived in Rogers, the Blackburn family had already established themselves. If you are not familiar with Sylvanus and Catherine Blackburn, they built the first mill – War Eagle Mill. He built it in 1832 having chosen its present location so as to use War Eagle Creek to power the mill. After completing the first mill, Sylvanus Blackburn sent for his wife, Catherine. They built a home on a hill which stands till today.

The first mill was washed away by heavy rains 16 years after they built it while the second mill was burned down in 1862 during the American Civil War. This was followed by the burning down of the third mill in 1924. Before that, the third mill consisted of a gristmill and a saw mill. Wood cut in the saw mill was used to build majority of Fayetteville in Arkansas. This includes the Old Main located on the University of Arkansas campus.

The fourth mill was built by Mr. Jewel Medlin in 1973. He and his wife searched for the blueprints of the third mill which they used to build the fourth mill. Slight modifications were made such as the addition of the undershot waterwheel which was used by Sylvanus himself 100 years before. Today, it is still powered by an 18 foot cypress waterwheel. Currently, the mill is owned by the Roenigks and continues to educate visitors about its rich history as they enjoy its famous soups, beans and cornbread. At the end of the visit, visitors can take home organic grain, cereal and flour.


The first store was opened by the Stroud family – Allen B. Stroud and son – in 1879. It was located in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. At the time, Stroud served as the postmaster at Pea Ridge. After 5 years, Allen Stroud’s son sold his interest in the business and went to establish a storefront close to the north side of the 100 block of Walnut Street.

IN 1899

Allen Stroud built the first brick building located at 114 – 116 Walnut Street. This allowed Stroud to serve the larger community. The establishment continued to prosper becoming one of the largest businesses in Rogers.

IN 1912

The city council of Rogers held a meeting which led to the formation of a commission. The commission was composed of local business persons who formulated plans to help uplift the city. The first project was the paving of downtown Rogers. It began in 1924 after several delays. Concrete was first used and then overlaid with bricks. This resulted in the basket weave pattern. Paving was completed in December 1924.


Sam Walton – the founder of Wal-Mart – established his first store in 1962 after working several years in retail management. The store was located seven blocks from Stroud’s business. Sam Walton merged retail centers that included aged downtown malls and shopping centers. This eroded Stroud’s customer base resulting in the closure of his business in 1993. The store had been in existence for 109 years.


Today, the City of Rogers is home to historical museums, two shopping malls and numerous landmarks registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to five of the largest sports parks, twelve neighborhood parks, 26 athletic fields, two lakes and the largest cavern system in Arkansas. The largest state park in Arkansas, the only mill in Arkansas and a historical Civil war battlefield can be found in Rogers too. Visit the City of Rogers portal to learn about places to visit.

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