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There is still a lot of summer left for homeowners wanting to build an addition onto their home, add a deck, build a garage, put on a new roof or install new windows, for example.

 In the city of Fayetteville, AR, a building permit is required for all structural changes, such as roof framing, enlarging windows, interior remodeling or floor plan changes.

 A permit is also required for demolition work, and before building accessory structures larger than 200 square feet, such as sheds, gazebos, garages, etc. All accessory structures, regardless of size, require a zoning permit for approval on placement, total allowed lot coverage, height and building separation, roof pitch, etc.

 Before installing any swimming pool, whether it is above or in-ground, if it has a depth of 24 inches or greater, requires a permit. If electrical is installed or if pool equipment pumps, alarms, etc. are present, an electrical permit is to be issued by the state of Michigan.

 Other home additions, such as decks, roofing, additions such as living areas, attached garages, covered porches, carports and patios to name a few, require a building permit from the city.

 Window replacement other than maintenance requires a permit as well.

 The only thing that does not require a building permit in Fayetteville are play structures that are pre-fabricated approved, but a zoning permit is required.

 The cost of these permits vary depending on the project and its estimated value. According to the city of Fayetteville’s website, the value of a new deck would be $17 per square foot. The building permit for a deck with a value of $1,000, for example, would cost about $66.

 The cost of a swimming pool permit is a flat rate of $70 for an above-ground pool and $135 for an in-ground pool.

 All permits must be obtained prior to starting the actual work to avoid an additional administrative charge not to exceed $100. This additional fee would have to be paid before the required permit is issued.

 “Any concealed construction must be dug, torn down to allow the inspector to review and approve the work performed illegally,” Reilly added.

 Personnel with the building and code enforcement department are reviewing sites during the course of each day, he said.

 Depending on the project, taxes will likely be added. Homeowners in the city of Fayetteville do pay additional taxes for decks and sheds, for example.

 Reilly said the most building permit requests are for roof coverings and wood decks.

 For more information on building permit requirements in Fayetteville, visit the website at

Websites contain permit information

Similar building permit requirements are in place in the communities surrounding Fayetteville. Information regarding building permits can be found on the websites of most local communities.


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